Pamela Marie McWilliams -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Pamela McWilliams

Pamela Marie McWilliams -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


By Khassandra Hameg

As a left-handed basketball player at USAO, Pamela McWilliams time on the court taught her how to approach the world differently. The storyteller and community relations professional continues to approach the world with a unique perspective.

During her time at USAO, McWilliams not only learned a lot about herself, but also about what she could expect in her future personal life and professional career.

“USAO brought to me an important lesson in life -- you get what you put in,” McWilliams said. “My education taught me discipline and time management. It also taught me the difficulties of being left handed in a world designed for right handed people.”

The 1987 USAO graduate is the director of community relations for Jackson Mobility and Hearing. She is the founder and president of Storee Laydee, LLC.

Her first children’s book, The Naval Navel Academy, was published in June 2014 and takes young readers on an adventure with Norman Citrus Naval, an orange, and his fruit cadets as they set out to produce the best juices in town.

Her second book, Mr. CuttyCoat and the Sheep, follows Mr. CuttyCoat, who was fast asleep when he suddenly dreams of having a variety of animals on his land, not just shearing sheep. What he did next was open a shearing factory to fulfill his lifelong dream. Mr. CuttyCoat would give them all special haircuts for free.

Storee Laydee, LCC’s mission is to help educate everyone, everywhere. As the Storee Laydee and international children's author, McWilliams has reached markets in Ethiopia, Malawi, Pakistan, Namiba, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ghana, Philippines, Puerto Rico, France, Italy and Australia.

“I think USAO was an intricate piece in my journey as a leader and a story teller,” she said. “I was able to meet great instructors and patient coaches.”

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