Rachelle Tiblow -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Rachelle Tiblow with Serco sign

 Although her time as an USAO alum can more adequately be measured in months rather than years, Rachelle Tiblow already knows the education she received is benefitting her.

“I am equipped well beyond the basic knowledge on how to interact with employees of all tiers within the company. I feel more confident about questioning my surroundings and I am not afraid to dive in a conversation about politics, art, or any other subject matter at hand. USAO has molded me into a well-rounded being,” she said.

Tiblow graduated in April 2016 with a degree in business management and accounting. She is working as a data entry clerk for a company ran by the government and recently received a promotion within the company.

“So far my greatest career accomplishments have to be my upward movement within the company and my involvement in the focus committee. We have corrected many flaws to boost morale of the employees and are continuing to do so by addressing problems as they come up. By including myself proactively in the company, I am giving myself a greater opportunity to use what communication skills I learned at USAO and adding personal value to what I do,” she said.

When asked about her greatest life accomplishments, Tiblow said “establishing credit (the right way), being able to help my family and friends, and striving towards my future employment/education goals.”

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