Scholarships available for history camp with Civil War scholar

Dr. James Finck, coordinator of the USAO Summer History Camp, talks with students at the 2013 camp that featured Dr. James “Bud” Robertson as the keynote speaker. High school students over the age of 16 are encouraged to apply online for one of twenty scholarships to attend this year’s camp, featuring author and scholar Dr. Joseph Glatthaar, for free.

Scholarships available for history camp with Civil War scholar


Oklahoma high school students ages 16 and up have an opportunity to learn about the Civil War while experiencing a taste of college life in an upcoming history camp at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

The camp is scheduled for June 24 and 25.

Twenty students will be competitively chosen from applicants to the USAO Summer History Camp Scholarship.

The scholarship includes room and board, participation in several presentations on the Civil War and an exclusive meeting with Civil War scholar, Dr. Joseph Glatthaar, a professor of American and military history at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. James Finck, assistant professor of American history and coordinator of the Summer History Camp, said that the camp was created to give students with an interest in history an opportunity to learn about it from nationally recognized scholars.

“Dr. Glatthaar has been doing groundbreaking research on the Civil War since the 1980s. We’re so excited to be able to share his expertise and wit with Oklahoma students at no cost to their families.”

The camp includes three presentations from USAO faculty on the Civil War, VIP seats for Glatthaar’s keynote address on General Tecumseh’s March to the Sea and an exclusive breakfast meeting with the visiting scholar.

Scholarship recipients will spend the night of June 24 in the Lawson Court Apartments on campus at no cost.

History teachers are also welcome at the camp, although they are responsible for their own food and lodging. Teachers interested in attending are asked to register in order to ensure that there are adequate resources on hand to meet demand.

The Summer History Camp is one component of USAO’s annual Summer History Symposium, which has attracted some of America’s most respected scholars on the Civil War to Oklahoma over the past three years.

More information about the camp can be obtained by calling Finck at 574-1229.