Senior art show highlights work of 'Curious 3'

Work from senior art students Heather Walton (left), Lucia Martinez (center) and Wendy Chambers (right) takes center stage in Curious 3, an upcoming show at USAO. The show will open with a reception beginning at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 in the 3rd Floor Art Gallery in Davis Hall.

Senior art show highlights work of 'Curious 3'



Three graduating art students will show off the fruits of their artistic labors in a fall senior BFA show titled Curious 3.

An opening reception is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 in the 3rd Floor Art Gallery in Davis Hall. The event is free and open to the public.


The three artists participating in the show are Wendy Chambers, Lucia Martinez and Heather Walton.


Chambers is primarily an oil painter but will include  some watercolor work into the show.


Often using animal bones as the subject of her paintings, Chambers seeks to transform the grotesque into something beautiful by drawing the viewer’s eye into the forms that emerge from careful arrangements of light, color and shadow.


A 2008 graduate of Wayne High School, Chambers participated in the Innovations and Montmartre art competitions at USAO as a high school student.


The first member of her family to graduate college, Chambers now plans to continue her studies in a master of fine arts program.


“I’ve visited a number of great schools but I’m still looking for that faculty member and program who can push me to excel both technically and conceptually the way that USAO has,” Chambers said.


She would love to eventually teach painting on the post-secondary level but has also developed an interest in gallery work from her time working in the Nesbitt Gallery.


Wendy Chamber's painting of bones[pictured at left- One of Wendy Chambers' paintings to be featured in the show]


Lucia Martinez is reluctant to define her work too narrowly.


“I take photographs and work with them digitally, but I also add design elements on top of the original work to make something new,” Martinez said.


These composite works show off different aspects of her training – strong elements of portraiture that take on a painted quality through digital manipulation.


Martinez, who graduated from the Harding Charter Preparatory School in 2008, is quick to acknowledge her design influences.


“I draw inspiration from 20th century printmakers like [Gustave] Klimt or [Henri de] Toulouse Lautrec,” Martinez said. “The whole art nouveau movement was so functional and yet so beautiful. What’s not to like?”


After graduation, Martinez plans to move back to Oklahoma City and pursue a career in photography or design.


[Right- an example of Martinez' digitally-augmented photography] 

Heather Walton was mostly interested in drawing - until she came to USAO.


“I took a watercolor class with Steve Breerwood [assistant professor of art] and just fell in love with painting,” Walton said.


Her work in the upcoming show mixes this passion for painting with her attention to line, resulting in a medley of watercolor, oil and acrylic ink pieces.


Walton, a Bethel Acres native, is pleased with the level of instruction she received at the university.


“I feel like the art faculty have done an great job of preparing me for the world outside of college,” Walton said. “I know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work to sustain my art and build my career but I’m excited to get started.”


Walton plans to move to Norman upon graduating and is interested in taking an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist.


Refreshments will be served at the opening reception and attendees will be treated to live music from Jimmy Harper and Dylan Nagode.


The Curious 3 show will be up in the 3rd floor gallery through Nov. 16.


[below- A piece by Heather Walton]