Social Ambassadors needed for successful Day of Giving

Social Ambassadors

Social Ambassadors needed for successful Day of Giving


By Connor Cheek

Like USAO’s first-ever Day of Giving in 2016, this year’s edition will be a team effort. An important part of that team will be a group of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who will serve as Social Ambassadors. Individuals can sign up now at for this important group who will share the Day of Giving with their social media connections.

The Day of Giving, scheduled Sept. 12, is the university’s most important fundraiser -- more support means more success. It’s this idea that inspired Social Ambassadors -- a program to teach any individual to effectively share their USAO story. It also offers the perfect guilt-free excuse to ask friends, family, coworkers, or anyone to donate to university programs or scholarships.

Social Ambassadors can create a personal Day of Giving link with two helpful features.

The first perk is that Ambassadors can personalize the link to direct recipients to specific program funds. Whether it be Drover athletics, student scholarships, or just a favorite division, the link can be set to drop visitors right on those projects.

The second perk is that Ambassadors can track just how much money they, specifically, have raised from those following the personalized link. Not only can Ambassadors look back on their achievements with pride, but there’s a chance at winning prizes for those higher grossing Ambassadors.

There are some extra tools associated with the Ambassador program. The toolkit offers training on how an Ambassador can best reach out to his or her peers when presenting their unique USAO testimony. The goal is for everyone to be able to put their best foot forward on this important day and maximize their potential impact.

To become a social ambassador, go to and follow the simple instructions. For questions, call at 405-574-1393 or email at