Sophomore Review Shows off art Talent at USAO

Sophomore Review Shows off art Talent at USAO


CHICKASHA – Colorful paintings, introspective photographs and an array of interesting art currently hang in the Third Floor Art Gallery at the University of Science and Arts. It’s all part of the annual Exhibition of the Academic Review for art sophomores, and this year’s show is a big one.

With 20 art majors participating in the exhibit, visitors can experience a large variety of original works in nearly every media available, some of which are for sale. The art show is on display through Feb. 28, with a special public opening reception from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on Jan. 31.

“It’s an exciting time for sophomores,” said Kent Lamar, professor of art. “It’s one of their first formal opportunities to show their work. There’s some very interesting work, some very creative individuals in this show. I see some of these people as very talented young artists. Most of them have taken this real seriously and have done a real good job with their presentation.”

Although the show is primarily a collection of the students’ class assignments alone, Oilton art sophomore Tina Dymond said she is proud of her work.

“I enjoyed printmaking,” she said. “I’m really proud of that because the process is really hard and I felt like a did a good job. Hopefully my professors will like it!

For Miguel “Julio” Herrera, art sophomore from Sapulpa, one particular piece has sentimental ties.

“I’m proud of this piece I drew with Jesus and this woman named Carmelita,” Herrera said. “She chose me to do it for her because she knows my mom. She had a dream about meeting Jesus and she wanted me to draw it for her. I‘m very proud of that drawing. It was done in colored pencils, but it looks like a painting; that’s what I’ve been told.”

Assistant Professor of Art Jacquelyn Knapp said the show provides the students with opportunities for public display, academic evaluation and even future career choices.

“The art faculty evaluates their production and performance as we see it at this time,” Knapp said. “The students have the opportunity to advise us what they want in terms of a degree, career choice and favorite medium or media. It is also the first opportunity the art majors have of formally applying to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.”

Art sophomores are given equal display space and may choose any media, size or content they wish. In addition to creating the artwork, the students must hang or display their own works.

“We expect the work to be their very best quality, both in production and presentation,” Knapp said.

The Exhibition of the Academic Review is free and open to the public. The Third Floor Art Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri.