Stephanie Tachell -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Stephanie Tachell

Stephanie Tachell -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


By Khassandra Hameg

When shoppers pick up Bar-S Foods products from their grocery’s shelves, they can thank USAO alum Stephanie (Hey) Tachell for that product’s safety. The 2007 graduate is the HACCP coordinator/SQF practitioner for the Oklahoma-based company.

Tachell majored in chemistry at USAO. She earned her Master of Arts in business administration and management from Lindenwood University in Missouri. She has more than 10 years of experience leading teams, as well as expertise in HACCP systems, USDA compliance, SQF training and development, food microbiology and chemistry.

“Prior to working for Bar-S Foods, I helped coach the Missouri Valley Softball team for two seasons. During my time there, the Vikings had two very successful seasons and played for the first time in the national tournament, which led to being named the 2009 Midwest Region NAIA Coaching Staff of the Year,” Tachell said.

Tachell was a student athlete at USAO and played softball from 2003-2006. “My education from USAO was very well rounded. I majored in biology and minored in chemistry and liberal arts.

“My professors were awesome. They really cared about each student and we weren't just a number. I remember vividly the morning after softball games walking the halls and seeing my professors and they would comment on the game the previous day, which always made me feel special and part of the USAO family.”

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