Student Spotlight: Damian Armendariz

A headshot of Damian Armendariz

Student Spotlight: Damian Armendariz


This month, we would like to introduce you to sophomore history major Damian Armendariz from Cache, Okla.—the new work study in USAO’s Alumni Development Office. Here, Damian helps the office in a wide variety of ways: taking mail, recycling, and gladly assisting with any other duties asked of him. Not only is Damian a great addition to the Alumni Development Office, he’s also one of the newest members of USAO’s Cross Country Team and the up-and-coming track team.

How did you get the job working with Alumni Development?

“Coach Hudson introduced me to the job. He said that he thought I would enjoy it because I have a very involved personality that would work great with both students and future alumni.”

What do you enjoy about this job?

“The people I work with. They’re very understanding and helpful.”

Have you grown personally since you’ve worked in Alumni Development? How might this help you in your future endeavors?

“My people skills have really improved. I’m always having to interact with people coming into the office. If people aren’t coming into the office, then I’m taking phone calls. I’m not as awkward and nervous in face-to-face conversations anymore. I want to be a high school history teacher and a track/cross country coach, so this will help me immensely.”

What’s something you’d like to personally improve on?

“Planning, organization, and procrastination.”

You’ve been volunteering at the Listen Local at The Greek concert series. How do you think that volunteering will help you in your future career? Are there any highlights of the event you’d like to note?

“I like being around different types of people. Before the concert started, I loved seeing how everyone worked together to set it up. I will definitely be helping out with the next two concert events this summer."

How long have you been running track and cross country?

“I started running track in the 7th grade but didn’t start running cross country until the 8th grade. I actually played football in the 7th grade, but I broke my elbow. That’s when I decided to pick up cross country instead the following year and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

What made you choose this institution over other campuses?

“It was better than the other ones that I toured. Everything is so close together. It’s a very active and community-based campus.”

What do you like best about your coach?

“I really like how coach Hudson presents himself. He pushes us to be the very best in many different facets—academically, physically, and mentally."

What goals have you already met—or plan to meet—in the cross country/track program?

“I already have a full-ride scholarship from the program. Now, my goals include winning a cross-country championship and improving my overall times."

What events do you run in track?

“I am a long-distance runner. I specialize in the 1600-meter run and the 3000.”

How do you plan on staying involved at this university?

“I plan to continue helping out with alumni and the events that they host.”