Student Spotlight: Katy Feaver

Headshot of Katy Feaver

Student Spotlight: Katy Feaver


For junior Katy Feaver, attending the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma was a no-brainer. Throughout her entire childhood, she always had a strong sense of encouragement from her family to pursue her undergraduate degree at USAO. As a native of Chickasha, Katy grew up near the institution and always felt a lasting connection to its diverse and open-minded teaching style. This key feature of the university’s mission only made it easier for Katy to share her bubbly, positive energy and vast intellect with the other curious minds on campus.

“The most important thing the university has provided me with is the ability to work productively with a diverse population,” said Katy.

From the time she was a freshman, Katy has been known as a highly social student both on campus and within the community. Currently majoring in public policy, she was the first student ever to enroll in this course of study, which is one of the newest additions to USAO’s degree offerings. Katy has been involved in a variety of jobs on and off-campus, which include working for The Neill-Wint Center for Neurodiversity, USAO’s support program for students with autism spectrum disorder, and with new students in the USAO Admissions Office. Katy also serves as a student ambassador for the university and received an internship as a campaign aid for Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole over the summer.

Katy’s vast ambitions have motivated her to seek a job to which she can dedicate her numerous skills and her hard-working ethic upon completing her studies. After graduation, Katy hopes to join AmeriCorps before going on to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in public administration or public policy.