Student Spotlight: McKenzie Schooley

A photo of this month's Student Spotlight: McKenzie Schooley

Student Spotlight: McKenzie Schooley


The president of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Sigma Psi Omega sorority, and the psychology club is a familiar face around campus. McKenzie Schooley, a senior psychology major with minors in sociology and liberal arts, has also served for three years on the Leadership Conference planning committee and is a graduate of the Leadership Academy.

After her graduation in April 2018, Schooley plans to attend graduate school for clinical mental health counseling. Her goal is to open her own practice, focusing on low-income populations. Through this endeavor, Schooley hopes to combat the stigma against mental illnesses, the lack of personal financial resources and insurance availability by “offering low-cost services and mental health education to the communities that need them the most.”

Schooley came to USAO from a graduating class of 50 and says that the small school felt like home the moment she stepped foot on the campus. “I have heard it said recently that the purpose of a liberal arts education is to give you the freedom, knowledge, and empowerment to think for yourself. I couldn’t agree more!” said Schooley.

Some of Schooley favorite classes have included History of Psychology, where she enjoyed learning about the history of her discipline and “the brilliant minds that spurred the evolution” of it. She found learning about the cultures and religions of ancient civilizations in the World Thought and Culture series a phenomenal experience. “Learning about the architecture, art, literature, philosophy and religions of ancient peoples… [and] seeing the similarities and differences between civilizations and cultures of the ancient world and modern world was remarkable,” she said.

Schooley, feeling empowered by her time here at USAO, is about to embark on the next leg of her journey and says, “I can’t thank USAO enough for the unparalleled and priceless education.” We here at USAO would like to thank her for being a part of our family and for the lasting impressions she has left upon this campus.