Student Success Center finishes first trimester of work

USAO student at the de-stress station at the Student Success Center.

Student Success Center finishes first trimester of work


Helping students transition from high school to college and with the overall success of USAO students is the mission of the newest office at the university – the Student Success Center.

The SSC is the central location where students find help in all areas of study – math, science, writing and IDS courses – as well as peer mentoring, academic advisement or career exploration. The tutors are current students who have been successful in their areas of expertise.

The center, funded by a Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education, has been operating on campus since August. “The Student Success Center has been really well received,” said Misty Steele, Title III grant director, academic resource counsellor and retention officer at USAO. “Utilization has been really high. Student athletes use the SSC as a study hall and it receives a lot of use for study space by the general student population,” Steele said.

USAO faculty and staff also give credit to the ‘impressive’ tutoring and mentoring staff, not only for their academic aptitudes, but also by their high quality interpersonal and communication skills.

After its first semester of operation, Steele says that the future for the center is a busy one. “Last semester, a lot of students participated in our tutor lead study sessions for many of the IDS courses for mid-term and final exams, so we plan to continue that this semester.”

“Nash Library is in a great place to act as the academic hub for USAO. Our hope for the SSC is to further advance the idea that the library is a great source for academic support and resources,” Steele said. The center is located on the third story of Nash Library.

The SSC recently installed new equipment to help track and report utilization. Students can now walk in and scan their student ID cards to sign in for study hall, general study or tutoring needs.

The staff is also working on reconfiguring some of the furniture and layout of the space to enhance the academic atmosphere and provide more distinction between the different tutoring centers within the room.