Students ‘Air’ Campaign Opinions Oct. 9

Monday, October 6, 2008

With the election barely a month away, opinions about the candidates seem to dominate every conversation in hallways, restaurants and sidewalks around Chickasha. To help raise awareness of political issues, and to encourage voter registration, the USAO Channel will host a television special Oct. 9 featuring students on the issues.

Open to the public, the free event is scheduled at 7 p.m. in the Davis Hall Amphitheater at the University of Science and Arts.

U Speak: Battle for the White House will feature USAO students and faculty in a panel discussion of the issues shaping the election. Comments from audience members are encouraged.

The discussion will be taped for airing on the USAO Channel beginning Oct. 14. Channel 18 is part of the basic lineup of SuddenLink Cable in Chickasha and features programming produced by the university as well as announcements of upcoming events on campus. The program also will air on the USAO website.

In addition to the live panel discussion, pre-recorded video segments also will be featured Thursday night. The segments include comments from USAO students and staff. Eric Gameros, a communication major from Newcastle, has been capturing opinions from a variety of people with differing political backgrounds and opinions on the USAO campus.

“You’ll hear some fantastic opinions,” Gameros said. “It’s an eye-opener. Some students are highly informed and some are clueless. And some offer insights worth considering. They discuss McCain’s age and Obama’s experience and Palin’s value in this race. It’s gets lively.”

USAO Channel student producer Jamie Lindenmeier, a senior art major from Greenwood, Del., also has been capturing student and faculty opinion for the show.

Executive Producer David Duncan said he is learning from the students.

“I’m really amazed at the level most students are following this presidential campaign,” Duncan said. “I’ve talked to students who were solid Obama supporters, and after doing a little checking on their own, are now supporting McCain. Others see things differently. Most of them are really open minded about who they feel is best suited to run this country. This is going to be a very lively debate. I would encourage anyone who wants to be better informed on the issues, or to share their ideas, to come and be a part of this broadcast.”

Additional information about the show is available from David Duncan, 574-1214, or Randy Talley at 574-1337.