Teacher education forum finds new life online

Dr. Vicki Ferguson (standing, right), director of teacher education at USAO, brainstorms with fellow and future educators at a USAO ThinkTank event from 2011. Ferguson announced a new online forum for members of the public to offer their input on teacher education this week.

Teacher education forum finds new life online


A new initiative allowing the public to review and comment on changes being made in teaching education programs across the state has been launched at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Traditionally, the university has scheduled an annual public forum to discuss the status and progress of its teacher education program. Advances in technology have made it possible for this process to take place year-round, rather than one day per year.

The ePublic Forum, developed by the teacher education program at USAO, is available by visiting Comments left there will be e-mailed directly to USAO’s Director of Teacher Education, Dr. Vicki Ferguson.

Ferguson is enthusiastic about the new program.

“Our programs are involved in continuous improvement as we prepare teachers equipped to help all children learn,” Ferguson said. “We welcome the opportunity to share our progress in this new and exciting way.”

Several years ago, the Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation, which was created by law in 1993, directed colleges and universities with teacher education programs to hold progress forums.

Using portfolio methods of tracking candidate success, teacher preparation now focuses chiefly on teacher candidate competencies identified as important for maximizing student learning. 

In addition to demonstrating competencies, candidates must complete a bachelor's degree, certification examinations and a background check.

Members of the community who are interested in teacher education are invited to input their comments online using the ePublic Forum.

More information about the program can be obtained by calling 574-1328.