Ted Simpson -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Ted Simpson

Ted Simpson -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


By Khassandra Hameg

Ted Simpson, Jr. has a love of golf. A love that has enabled the 1979 USAO graduate to travel the world and start his own company. He was a physical education major at USAO.

Simpson travels the world to play the sport he loves during the Senior PGA Tour and has been the head golf professional at the Algonkian Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia since 1998. He has been a golf professional since 1984.

Throughout his playing career, Simpson worked with golf professionals, focusing on traditional swing mechanics theory and forcing his natural body movements to fit the traditional swing models.

These forced mechanics were being engrained during rigorous, comprehensive training sessions. When it came time to perform at tournaments, he could not seem to consistently apply his training and play his best golf. Simpson realized the traditional training and instruction he had received was not working.

While competing in Florida, Simpson read a book on kinetics. Knowing something about kinetics from his formal training on the police force, he embarked on a journey to look at the swing, the natural mechanics of the body and the physical forces that affect those body mechanics. None of the professional golf instructors he was working with however knew enough about kinetic principles to help. This research helped him form his own company -- Triple “S” Kinetic Golf Instruction.

The Triple "S" Kinetic Golf system has been evolving over a more than 20-year period. It is a system “focused on educating golfers with new techniques and tools appropriate for the 21st century,” according to the organization’s website.

While at USAO, Simpson was a student athlete and says he is grateful for a faculty and staff that worked with his busy athletic schedule. “My professors made USAO so special to me. I played basketball and without their help, I wouldn't had made it. USAO helped me to use my time wisely. Thank you to all of my living and passed professors at USAO,” Simpson said.

After graduating from USAO, Simpson attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburn. He also graduated from the National FBI Academy in 1993. He served as a U.S. Army police investigator and was with the Metro Transit Police for more than 12 years.

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