USAO Invites Public to Teacher Education Forum

USAO Invites Public to Teacher Education Forum


CHICKASHA – As part of the Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation, the University of Science and Arts will host its annual teacher education forum Nov. 15. The 4 p.m. meeting will be held in the Gary Hall lounge on the corner of 17th Street and Alabama.

The public hearing focuses on the status and progress of the teacher education program at USAO. In compliance with House Bill 1549 and the Open Meetings Act, the forum is one of many being held statewide as an opportunity for the public to review and comment on changes being made in teacher education and preparation, not only at USAO, but at colleges across the state.

Dr. Vicki Ferguson, associate professor and chair of education and speech language pathology, said the public is welcome to join in with the forum.

“Our programs are involved in continuous improvement as we prepare teachers equipped to help all children learn,” Ferguson said. “We welcome the opportunity to share our progress in a public forum.”

Ferguson said teacher preparation now focuses chiefly on teacher candidate competencies by using portfolio methods of tracking candidate success.

“It is an approach to education focusing on outcome competencies that is expected to increasingly characterize Oklahoma's public school system,” Ferguson said. “In addition to demonstrating competencies, candidates must complete a bachelor's degree, certification examinations and a background check.”

The forum’s agenda includes an overview of recent changes in teacher education, public comments and questions about the teacher education program and future directions for teacher education.

The Nov. 15 meeting is free and open to public. Additional information is available from Vicki Ferguson at (405) 574-1253.