Duncan High School student Sarah Fulton won Best of Show with her "Oriental Shrine" in ceramic during Innovations, an annual art exhibit and competition at USAO. Students from high schools throughout Oklahoma submitted original artwork for the competition. More than 40 prizes were given for the submissions. The exhibit remains on display in the Davis Hall Third Floor Art Gallery through March 12.

Winners Announced in Innovations Art Competition

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


More than 100 students faced off recently for an annual high school art competition at the University of Science and Arts. Students from high schools around the state competed in Innovations, an art exhibit held exclusively for high school juniors and seniors.


Although most of the judging is complete on the 232 entries, the show is now on display in the Davis Hall Third Floor Art Gallery through March 12. Visitors may vote for one more distinction, the Peoples’ Choice Award, which will be revealed March 12 at 1 p.m. during a public ceremony honoring each of the participants.


"Oriental Shrine," a ceramic work by Sarah Fulton of Duncan High School, won the Best of Show.


Jacquelyn Knapp, associate professor of art, said that with a history of more than 17 years of competitions, Innovations continues to draw Oklahoma’s best artistic talent.


"The talent and skill continue to amaze us every year and 2010 is no different," Knapp said.


"The Best of Show, 'Oriental Shrine,' set itself apart from the other art through its freshness, clean lines, high craftsmanship and polish. This piece revealed the best design quality and highest overall visual impact."


The USAO art department judged the entries and awarded 35 Awards of Merit, 10 Judges Choice awards and one Best of Show award. All artists receive certificates for their participation.


"We tried to select those pieces that showed the most creativity, originality, best design quality and overall visual impact. When we look at a piece and say 'wow that was created by a high school student,' an award is sure to follow," Knapp said.


Each year, students from across the state send in up to three original works of art for the contest. USAO art faculty members display the entries and narrow the show to the top winners.


"This is what being an artist is all about, sharing your creations with the world. These kids work very hard in preparing, creating and presenting their work for the opportunity to show in a university setting.


"We are very proud and would congratulate all of them for their dedication to art. We also would like to thank the teachers for their dedication and commitment in preparing their students for this show and a possible career in art. Art is a large field and we believe there is a place for everyone," Knapp said.


The Innovations exhibit is free and open to the public. The Third Floor Art Gallery hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


For more information about Innovations, or to schedule an appointment for a scholarship review, call Jacquelyn Knapp at 405-574-1303, or e-mail at facknappj@usao.edu.

Winners in the Judges Choice category include

Alva High School -- Lewis Nighswonger, "Grotto Waterfall" (pottery)

Anadarko High School -- Matt Spray, "Untitled 3" (mixed media)

Chickasha High School -- Victor Frias, "Sick 2" (marker); Kayla Brown, "Untitled #1" (photography)

Muskogee High School -- Cara Martin, "Grandfather's War Horse" (graphite)

Mustang High School -- Shauntel Cornaby, "If Beauty's on the Inside" (mixed media)

Putnam City North High School -- Tucker Covalt, "Bird Houses" (charcoal); Chase Kaiser, "Avedon Fusion" (silkscreen)

Skiatook High School -- James Ferrante, "Frozen In Time" (pencil)

Sulphur High School -- Cynthia Akers, "What Key Are We In" (watercolor)

Winners of the Award of Merit include

Alva High School -- Brad Trekell, "Weekend at the Lake" (pottery); Gary Carter, "Naked Raku" (ceramic); Colby Bouziden, "The Green Giant" (pottery)

Anadarko High School -- Matt Spray, "Eggs" (mixed media) and "Untitled 2" (mixed media); Joshua Owens, "Humpty Dumpty" (color pencil)

Apache High School -- Aarron Massey, "London" (pencil)

Bethel High School (Shawnee) -- Christa Woods, "...There it went..." (oil); Chelsea Haugh, 'My Id" (sharpie); Haley Begley, "I Feel Pixallated" (black pencil)

Chickasha High School -- Allen Reid Kim, "Kwang Dae" (pencil); Shannon Klein, "Girl" (photography)

Duncan High School -- Blakeley Pearson, "Munchkin in the Snow" (photography) and "Kersplash" (photography); Nadia Finley, "Catbear Pig" (graphite/china marker)

Elgin High School -- Eric Gengnagel, "Bradley Fighting Machine" (print); Erica Stillman, "Maiko-Sliding Door" (oil)

Kingfisher High School -- Magen Verkler, "Child's Play" (photography); Ben Ruhl, "Smile" (photography); Krista Fleshman, "Negative Simplicity" (scratchboard)

Mustang High School -- Shauntel Cornaby, "City in Motion" (oil); Audrah Davidson, "Spring" (graphite) and "Save a Life" (charcoal); Stacy Robertson, "Release" (mixed media)

Norman High School -- Raven McCarty, "Blackbird of the Halfmoon" (mixed media)

Putnam City North High School -- Catherine Carte, "Geisha Vogue" (block print) and 'Rise & Shine" (oil); Chase Kaiser, "Fame & Danger" (silkscreen); Josh Lowder, "Baby Me" (chalk pastel)

Sulphur High School -- Linzi Thompson, "Blue Pitcher Reflection" (acrylic) and "Sunset From the Dock" (acrylic); Kaleb Collins, "Pride" (pastel); Denver Byers, "Weeping Willow" (wire); Nick West, "Wire Horse" (wire)

Wynnewood High School -- Khini Billings, "Pagan" (block print)