Clubs & Organizations Booking Procedures

Required forms & signatures

Facility Request Forms

  • Signatures required: Advisor & Student Services
  • Forms are turned in at Students Services or the Enrollment Management Office (Troutt Hall 218)

W-9 of Agency

  • Must include Federal ID tax number or social security number

Purchase Orders

  • Information required: Vendor information, event name/date/time, club/org account number, detailed description of event and cost of performer/cost of items  
  • Required signatures: SAB Chair, SAB Advisor, Dean of Students & VP for Enrollment Management


  • All contracts & tech riders must be reviewed by SAB advisor & signed by VP for Business & Finance
  • Signatures are required.


  • Requires advisor signature
  • Must be turned in to Accounts Payable in the Business & Finance Office (Troutt Hall 220)


  • Double check with Advisor if security is needed for event

All forms can be found in Student Services on the third floor of the Student Center.

*Please note: if the following items below are not submitted & approved at least 2-3 weeks in advance event may not be approved.