USAO Social Media

At USAO, we’re more than just a university, we are a community. To this end, we work diligently to provide valuable resources for future and current students, as well as alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the university on a variety of popular social media platforms. Check out our offerings and see what best suits your needs.


USAO’s Facebook page has more than 8,000 family members and grows every day. It’s a great place to see photos that offer a glimpse into the everyday awesomeness that goes down on campus, get the latest news about the university and interact with other Drovers, past, present and future.

Updates: 1-2 per day.


Look for us @usaodrovers to access our stream of news, quotes, event liveblogging and meet other Tweeters that are part of our community. Also an important account to follow for weather and crisis updates should the need arise.

Updates: 4-6 per day or as needed.


If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, chances are you already have a Google+ profile. Why not use it to circle up with our most content rich social media channel? With longer posts and a wider variety of media supported, Google+ is poised to become THE go to platform for community-based content sharing.

Updates: 1-3 times per week or as available resources demand.


Speaking of YouTube, our channel features new episodes of In the Saddle every week and monthly episodes of Around the Oval during the school year to keep you up to date on all the sports happenings and the players and coaches that make it happen. We also use the channel to document yearly events like our Symposia series as well as interviews with faculty and students to give you an inside look at the university.

Updates: Weekly or more often as content demands


Of course, no social media experience would be complete without Pinterest. Now on our second year with the site, USAO highlights the best images, stories and re-pins on eight carefully curated boards designed to give you the inside skinny on the sights you will enjoy everyday on our campus.

Updates: Twice a week or as needed.



USAO's Instagram shows creative pictures and short, fun videos on all things USAO. We capture everything from freshman orientation to graduation day. We also host Instagram contests and love it when our Drovers show us some love by using our hashtags.  Follow DROVERPROUD to see what's going on in the #DroverNation.

Updates: Weekly or more often as content demands