CHICKASHA – Voters determined the USAO Drovers was the coolest-named NAIA sports team on a national blog.

After getting quite a buzz from his Top 20 Coolest-Named Sports Teams on his blog, Virginia blogger Edward Wozniak opened it up for discussion in the form of a competition. Readers had about three weeks to cast their votes for their favorite NAIA team name.

USAO’s Drovers came in on the top of the contest, following by the Ave Maria University Gyrenes and the Bethany College Swedes, Wozniak recently released.

“If I had to coin a quick phrase to capture the allure of the Drover mascot, it would be ‘Drovers: The 21st Century Name For Cowboys!,’” Wozniak said in his blog.

Since he began his blog in late June, Wozniak — also known as Balladeer online — has already come up with more than 30 posts, tackling everything from cool-named teams, pre-season polls and the latest news from around NAIA sports.

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Published: July 22, 2010