CHICKASHA – USAO’s “Drover” is the seventh coolest team name in the NAIA, according to a WordPress blogger.

Edward Wozniak, known as “Balladeer” in his blog, created a Top 20 “Coolest-Named College Sports Teams You Never Heard Of (NAIA Edition)” in his blog last week. USAO was on the list with teams like the Columbia College Fight Koalas and the Evergreen State College Geoducks.

“I put the Drovers on the list because I have a soft spot for teams whose nicknames reflect the character of their region,” Wozniak said. “And Drovers is a very memorable change of pace from the overused word ‘cowboy.’”

Wozniak said he created the Top 20 list as a hook to attract people to his new blog — Balladeer’s Blog — designed to raise the profile of NAIA sports teams. He said he promotes NAIA sports as a change of pace from the more mainstream NCAA Division I sports.

“After I give (people) my spiel about what the NAIA is and explain where they can find the games, they invariably tell me how excited they are that I shared my enthusiasm with them,” he said. “They remark that it's a whole new world and it restores their own fondness for amateur athletics.”

USAO is the only Sooner Athletic Conference school on Wozniak’s list. To see the full Top 20 list, click here.

Published: July 1, 2010