The Drovers continued conference play on Friday afternoon, splitting in a double header against Southern Nazarene at home.

First baseman Luke Krobath hit a home run early in the first game, batting Greg Ylda in with him. Krobath had two runs in the game.

Masters also stood out, scoring two runs — both off RBIs from Newt Compton. Masters’ second run tied the game for the Drovers in the bottom of the seventh, taking the game to an extra inning.

The Drovers were not able to pull off a victory in the first game, however, and fell 7-6.

Caleb Martin started out on the mound, pitching 4.2 innings for USAO. Alfonso Cardenas took over in the fifth and pitched the remainder of the game.

The Drovers came out in the second game and won it 5-10.

Three Drovers hit home runs during the second game, including Krobath, who hit his second home run of the day. Ylda, who also hit a home run, went three for four with two runs and an RBI, and one of short stop Regulo Moy’s two hits also went out of the park. Moy had three RBIs in the second game.

Nate Hammons pitched a complete game, giving up only one earned run in the first six innings.

The Drovers are 18-6 overall this season and are 5-6 in the Sooner Athletic Conference. The team finishes the series on Monday in Bethany.