After spending time behind the plate, Luke Krobath moved to first base this season when the Drovers got David Masters from Kansas State University.

“He’s a real good catcher, a real good player,” said Krobath, a senior from Langley, British Columbia. “It’s best for the team, so I moved over to first base.”

And Krobath has been successful in his new position and at bat so far this season. He averages .390.

“Last year I was pitched to a lot differently because I had Brandt (Lierle) behind me,” he said. “Some days it’s there. Some days it’s not.”

Krobath was named Sooner Athletic Conference Player of a Week a few weeks ago and was the first Drover of the season to do so.

“[I’m] just doing whatever I can do,” he said. “I was feeling good, you know.”