Despite his 18 years of experience, Drover Head Basketball Coach Brisco McPherson is no exception to the feeling of uncertainty that comes with a season of new players

“I think we’re in a rebuilding mode,” McPherson said, head coach of University of Science and Arts basketball team. “Any time you bring in as many freshmen as we’ve brought in, you’ve got to expect they’re going to take some hits."

The team doesn’t have any returning starters this season. The coaches identified juniors Fred Savioe, Thomas Peters and Aaron Daniels as key newcomers this season.

McPherson is starting his 19th season was head coach, and the seasoned coach said he has had to go back to basics this season.

“We’ve got to do a lot more teaching. The best thing that can probably happen with this group that is young is just to play games,” McPherson said. “I think the more they play, the more they understand the kind of intensity to have to play with in the conference, they’ll get better. But they have to experience that themselves.”

The Drovers have six freshmen and only one senior. While this season may not be the team’s best, McPherson has high hopes for the upcoming years.

“In the future, we’ll be a good team,” McPherson said. “We’ve got some good, young players … I expect those young guys to get better every game.”

The players spend most of their afternoons practicing, preparing for their first game Monday night. The team faces off at 7 p.m. at home against Southwestern Oklahoma State University, but won’t then play again at home until Nov. 23.

“They’re a good group to work with,” McPherson said. “They’re very coachable. When you’ve got a team you really like, you want them to do well.”