Despite trouble this season for the men’s basketball team, junior forward Aaron Daniels said the team has a successful future ahead.

“It’s a beautiful camaraderie. We’re all like brothers, even through the thick and the thin,” he said of his teammates. “I think we’ll be all right in the long run. I think we will.”

Daniels has a 41.7-percent shooting percentage and is the third on the team in assists with 37. He averages 6.26 points per game. But he said he excels at something that isn’t kept in stats.

“The best part of my game is me just being vocal,” he said. “We just need a floor general sometimes.”

Daniels’ parents, Ronald and Janet Daniels of Tulsa, attend all of his games as well as the USAO women’s games. Although he gets a lot of support from his parents, he makes an effort not to rely too heavily on them because he said failure is his biggest fear.

“Every time I get a chance, I try to be as independent as possible,” he said.

One part of being independent is his grooming. Among his many talents, the 6’5” forward learned to cut his own hair after high school and now serves as a barber for many of his teammates.

The physical education junior hopes to be a high school basketball coach one day because he wants to get players when they are young and fresh, he said.

Daniels comes to the Drovers from Murray State College and graduated from Tulsa Central High School before that. He said he decided to come to USAO because a former coach of his played under Assistant Coach Vinson Metcalf and spoke highly of him.