CHICKASHA – In love with the sport, Thomas Peters spends nearly an hour and a half every day in the gym shooting baskets.

With a goal set each day of 500 shots sunk, it’s no wonder Thomas Peters leads the Drovers in points per game.

“I just try to get the ball in the hole. I do what Coach wants us to do,” he said. “If it’s an open shot, I’m going to shoot it.”

New to the coaching staff is Michael Williamson, a former Drover and MVP of the USAO National Championship team.

“He motivates us every game, every practice. He lets us know how hard he worked when he was here to win a championship, so we can get that same focus and motivation,” he said.

Peters said he loves playing in Chickasha because of the home crowd.

“The atmosphere is nice,” he said. “The crowd is really into it when we’re doing good.”

Published: Jan. 27, 2011