Date Published

Saturday, September 29, 2012

CHICKASHA – Competing in their longest race to date, the Drover men continue to gain valuable experience competing against some top runners at Saturday morning’s 76th Annual Cowboy Jamboree on Oklahoma State’s campus.

At eight kilometers, roughly five miles, the Jamboree was the longest race for the men so far this season. Previously, they competed in 5K and 6K meets. It is also the largest race with more than 200 competitors in USAO’s category.

Freshman Jeffrey Poolaw, who has finished first for the Drovers in each of their three meets, again led the team. He finished with a time of 32:25.73, setting a pace of 4:04. Poolaw finished the first 6K of the race nearly 40 seconds faster than he finished the team’s 6K a few weeks ago.

Kieran Brennan was just 20 seconds behind him, finishing the race at 32:45.79. Brennan saw the biggest improvement on the team in the race, eliminating about 20 seconds per kilometer from his time.

Matthew Crow, who joined the team late, finished third for USAO with a time of 33:40.16. This was Crow’s second race of the season.

Junior Aaron Manuel came in at 37:14.94, followed by senior Chisum Lane, who finished at 38:52.93. Richard Murray, who is battling injury, finished with a time of 40:19.04.

The Drovers’ next meet will be the OBU Invitational on Oct. 6 in Shawnee.