Date Published

Thursday, December 1, 2011

CHICKASHA – In the Saddle has evolved over the years to become a fun face of USAO sports and a way for the community members to get to know the Drover athletes and coaches.

While USAO sports information director Jessica Jackson hosts the show, she gives credit to USAO video producer and Captain Video, David Duncan.

“He does a great job. He coaches me through everything and has been really solid since we started the show back up helping me get comfortable in front of the camera. He does a great job in post production; he always makes us look good,” Jackson said. “We couldn’t do the show without him.”

In addition the main interview of the show, Jackson and Duncan produce sometimes complicated trick shots for all the sports to spice up the open and the close.

“They’re all pretty difficult,” Jackson said. “There was one I remember, it took 50 shots and I still never made it. We ended up having to bring someone else in to do it for me.”

While the show can sometimes be a lot of work for Jackson and Duncan, the show is something both enjoy and happily stand behind.

“I love this show. I think it really helps promote the university in the community and helps give us a fun face,” Jackson said. “It helps our community members and everybody know the students and the coaches.”