After a fun and relaxing summer in Scotland, Sam Shaddick is back in Oklahoma, eagerly awaiting the formal start of USAO soccer season.

The junior defender spent his summer in his hometown of Stirling, Scotland. He said the trips home help him appreciate the lifestyle and history of his hometown.

“It’s fantastic. I love Scotland,” he said. “It will always be home.”

He said he enjoys his life in Oklahoma, especially as it creates a story for him separate of those of his friends and family back home.

Shaddick, along with a number of the international Drover men, returned to the U.S. in the heat of mid-August and started tough practices right away.

“Obviously, it’s an exciting season for us,” Shaddick said. “The boys are ready to go and look forward to it.”

The team is set to kick off the regular season at home against Hillsdale College at 3 p.m. Aug. 31.