The Drovers came out with one against Southern Nazarene during a doubleheader on Thursday afternoon.

The Drovers went into an extra inning against the Crimson Storm in the first game of the afternoon doubleheader before winning it 4-3 in the eighth.

Michelle Bauer pitched a complete game for USAO, giving up only two earned runs in eight innings. She struck six batters out on her way to leading the Drovers to the win.

Second baseman Rosy Campos averaged .500 at bat, scoring a run and hitting an RBI, and junior Laci Weger hit a triple, scoring a run and batting a runner in.

Tashina Ototivo scored the winning run off an RBI from catcher Amanda Cave.

The Drovers continued strong in the second game but weren’t able to pull off a second victory and lost 3-2.

Samantha Fowler, who plays left field, hit both RBIs in on a double she hit in the sixth. Cave and right fielder Bree MacIntyre scored the runs.

The Drovers are 12-26 overall and 3-19 in conference play. They will take on (11) Oklahoma City and Rogers State before heading back home to play (5) Lubbock Christian for a doubleheader beginning at 2 p.m. Thursday.