Date Published

Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHICKASHA – With the 2012 season wrapped up, assistant softball coach Ken Richardson said he looks back on a job well done, despite some moments of turmoil.

“I was pleased with this season,” he said. “We had our ups and downs as normally we do during softball. But overall, he had a good season. We made it to where we wanted to go — to the conference playoffs.”

The Drovers met their goal to play in the Sooner Athletic Conference tournament, but after a tough eighth-inning loss in game three, Richardson said he and head coach Jenn White told the players to shake off the disappointment and prepare for a strong 2013.

“We have a good season coming back next year. We lose one ball player. Other than that, you can’t dwell on it,” he said. “They take the summer off and do their own personal workouts … In the fall, we just start basically over and start working with them again.”

With only one senior, Richardson said he and White haven’t had to do a lot of recruiting, except looking for a pitcher. Despite the low need for players, he said they always have their eyes open for a young star.

“Recruiting never stops,” he said.