Date Published

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CHICKASHA – With just two conference doubleheaders left before the Sooner Athletic Conference tournament, the Drovers are fighting for seeding in the tough conference.

“The season has gone really great. At the beginning we have had a couple of rough spots coming together as a team,” senior Liz Agpalo said. “But by the end we finally pulled together … for the most part, it’s gotten a lot better. We’ve surprised a couple of teams.”

As a hitting pitcher, Agpalo leads the team in batting average and is second on the team in total wins this season. One of the reasons she decided to attend USAO is for the opportunity to both pitch and bat.

“I love pitching. I get to touch the ball every pitch, basically. It’s good to feel like you’re in control,” she said. “But batting, it’s such a challenge. It’s such a rate of failure, and you only get about three chances a game to do something.”

The other reason she came to USAO, she said, was for the biology and science program the university had to offer her.

“It was going to be a challenging, hard program, and that’s what I was excited about,” she said. “I felt like I could actually go somewhere with the program here, instead of some schools that don’t focus that much on science.”