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Friday, December 13, 2013

CHICKASHA – One of the big milestones of a college athlete’s career is to win a championship in their sports, but the more important milestone is graduating with a degree.

All-in-all the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma has 22 athletes who will be finishing up their collegiate career with a degree in their respective fields.

USAO conferred 72 degrees in Friday evening’s fall 2013 ceremony, one-third of which were student-athletes who participated in athletics at some point in time in their time at the institution.

The evening ceremony began with the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” processional performed by Dr. Stephen Weber, professor of music and chairman of the arts and humanities division.

USAO President John Feaver discussed the value of a college degree, especially from a top-notch liberal arts university such as USAO.

Throughout their years at USAO, student-athletes spent numerous hours studying and competing in the classroom in addition to their rigorous careers on the fields and courts.

USAO softball had eight graduates with bachelor’s of science and one graduate with a bachelor’s of arts.

These athletes were Elizabeth Agpalo, Amanda Cave, Laci Weger-Garrett, Jessica Horton, Katherine Jirak, Markie LaFerney, Mindi Locke, Brooke McLeod and Morgan Bratcher.

“I couldn’t be more proud of a group of young women who have dedicated themselves to achieve a milestone,” Head Softball Coach Jadyn Wallis said. “They have set standards that will be hard to achieve. I would like to thank the ladies for making USAO softball and the University proud.”

Five baseball players graduated with bachelor’s of science degrees were Levi Compton, Joshua Goodman, Clinton Selman, Brian Vigo-Suárez and Heath Wilda.

USAO soccer had five graduates in the fall 2013 ceremony with Lauren Carter, Calli Cooper, Chris Lee, Anthony Nesbit and Scott Parkinson.

Women’s cross-country, men’s cross country and women’s basketball had one graduate each in the fall of 2013 ceremony. Katie Jones was conferred a bachelor of fine arts, Aaron Manuel was conferred a bachelor of science, while Brittany Scott was conferred a bachelor of science degree.