A last second three-pointer by Courtney Brox on Thursday night gave Coach Laci Tompkins her 200th career win as a head coach.

The Lady Drovers beat John Brown University 56-53 in Siloam Springs, Ark.

“That was really exciting … Krista Beaty kept us in the game. She had 16 in the first half,” Tompkins said. John Brown was able to tie the game at the end with a few free throws, “and then we came down and Courtney Brox … right there in the clutch, she hit one.”

The shot was so last minute, the referees had to make the call of whether it was shot before the buzzer.

“(The team) jumped and celebrated at half court,” she said. “It was awesome.”

Tompkins, who is an USAO alumna and former assistant coach for the USAO basketball team and former head coach of the softball team at USAO, reached 200 collegiate wins as a head basketball coach Thursday night.

“I love it because it’s USAO. I love it because it’s been a tougher season … It just means a lot in that regard,” she said. “It’s a nice thing. It’s great to know. But my excitement was from watching the girls be excited.”

She said she’s loved watching the team improve as they’ve gone through this first adjustment season.

“Our team chemistry is starting to come together,” she said.

Beaty was crucial to the win on Thursday, hitting nine total field goals, four of which were three-pointers. She also had nine rebounds.

Additionally, Debora Dourado came out with one her best games, scoring eight points –the second most on the team Thursday.

Charitie Lewis, usually one of the team’s highest scorer, struggled to make shots, making only one field goal in the game. Despite the low number, Tompkins said she played well but couldn’t get past the tall defenders.

“She got hammered under there. But she does so many good things,” Tompkins said. “She got her last two points there at the end in the clutch.”

She added the Lewis didn’t seem to mind she’d only scored two points, she was just happy that USAO won.

Tompkins has strong hopes for the team in the future, as long as they continue to play strong defense and hit the shots.

“I really feel like we can win against any team in our conference, it just depends on whether we’re getting shots,” she said.