CHICKASHA – The USAO basketball program came from humble beginnings as players donned another team’s uniforms in their first ever game, as Athletic Director and Head Coach Brisco McPherson remembers.

McPherson was a member of the first basketball team at USAO in 1973 and has been associated with the program ever since.

“I don’t know that I remember the student reaction. I know the player reaction … We had to borrow Oral Roberts University uniforms,” he said. “It was just a situation where we didn’t have all our eggs in a row, but we got better. It was an exciting time for us, though.”

The first season was a rough 9-24 year, but then Head Coach John Hudson brought on an unlikely assistant: history professor Dr. Dexter Marble, who is currently the vice president of academic affairs.

“During the first year of the basketball program I enjoyed going to the games. It just seemed to me the players weren’t playing together the way perhaps they could,” Marble said. “So in spring training of ’74, (Coach John Hudson) invited to come out and do some stuff, and I think the players all thought I was crazy.”

“I think I did,” McPherson interjected. “And I think the other players probably did too. At the time we thought that, but we learned later. (Dr. Marble) broke everything down in such detail … it actually worked. We benefitted from it.”

“To this day, as a coach, I use some of the stuff I learned from him with my teams,” he added.


Published: Sept. 26, 2011