CHICKASHA – Immediately upon the end of the season for the Drovers, USAO basketball coaches are busy watching potential recruits and working to get them to Chickasha.

Women’s Assistant Coach Carey Phariss spent the last week at numerous high school and junior college basketball games, sometimes teamed up with Head Coach Laci Tompkins and sometimes solo.

“This week has been really hectic,” Phariss said. “It’s a non-stop process, honestly, but it will really be going for the next month or so.”

With only three seniors graduating, he said the Drover women have a strong base of players coming back for next season. Many current Drovers are even helping the coaches recruit.

Phariss said the adjustment for new players isn’t getting used to a new town or a new university but getting used to different coaches and expectations.

“I think the adjustment period comes in the gym and knowing how hard we want you to go every day and do all the little things correct and pay attention,” he said.

Published: March 4, 2011