CHICKASHA – From audiences of 50 to thousands and churches to coaches associations, Coach Laci Tompkins spends much of her time as a professional speaker.

Tompkins, USAO’s women’s basketball coach, estimates she speaks at two to three conferences or gatherings a month in the spring and summer.

“It’s an honor and a nice thing that people think highly enough of you to speak because they could ask anybody,” she said. “You just humbly accept it. Whatever reason, you’re glad they like you.”

One of her biggest honors, she said, was to be asked to speak at the Oklahoma Coaches Association on July 26.

“It’s hard to ever get asked,” she said. “I’ll just be talking about all (things) basketball — (the) Xs and Os. I’ll be representing USAO.”

Besides being good for personal and professional networking, Tompkins said she uses the time to help promote the university and it’s athletic programs.

“Everywhere I go, I get to plug USAO,” she said.

Tompkins has done a variety of speeches at a number of different places. She’s spoken at revivals for churches, administrative retreats and women’s groups. She recently spoke at the Oklahoma Women’s Retreat, put on by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

“I have a passion for it. I feel like I’ve been called to do that,” she said. “I just take it as a very big privilege — an honor and a very big responsibility.”


Published: June 14, 2010