From hat tricks and shut outs to disappointing defeats — this season of Drover soccer has had it all.

The Drover women fell to Oklahoma City University in an overtime battle Saturday afternoon. The team had one of its best seasons in the 11-year program history.

With 13 wins, the Lady Drovers have secured their spot in the SAC tournament.

In regular season, the women were No. 1 in the division for total goals with 87, shutting out opponents this season by as much as 11-0.

Head Coach Jimmy Hampton said they expected to turn out the team they did this year, as many of the women are new recruits who haven’t “been there, done that” yet.

“And hopefully we can grow from that,” he said.

One of the teams’ rising stars, Freshman Calli Cooper, with an average of 8.18 shots per game in regular season, ranks No. 1 in the division for shots per game. Cooper shot a total of 26 goals in the 18 games she played in this season, breaking the team’s single-season record. She also beat the pre-existing assists per season with 18 – nine more than records set in 2003.

Cooper remains high on the national rankings. She is second in total points and total assists; third in total goals, assists per game, goals per game and points per game; and seventh in shots on goal per game.

But Cooper isn’t the team’s only high scorer. Freshman Taylor Fain netted 15 balls during the season – 32nd in the division in goals per game – and Junior Brittany Jay had 12 goals and 12 assists, making her 11th in the division for total assists.

Senior Goalkeeper Destiny Wilson recorded 46 saves during the season and allowed only 27 goals. Wilson and the Drover women have had six shutouts this season.

Overall, the women outshot their opponents 450-139 and outscored opponents 87-25.

This is the first time since 2003 that the Drover women have won 13 games.

“We have a very good group of kids. I’m not talking about players, but kids,” Hampton said of both teams. “We have the ethics and values the university expects."

The Lady Drovers in Division I are ranked:
• No. 1 in total goals (87)
• No. 2 in goals per game (4.83)
• No. 2 in total assists (65)
• No. 3 in shots per game (25)
• No. 4 in assists per game (3.61)
• No. 9 in shots on goal per game (12.67)
Source: NAIA