Helpful Apps


iStudiez - $10
    Combine schedules, homework, and grades to provide an interactive visual     representation of your work load in each of your courses.

Things - $10
    Task manager app that allows you to create various to-do lists for all aspects of your life,     with color coding.

Easilydo – Free
    Syncs your email with the Easilydo app to create to-do lists. Share travel information     and receive bill reminders.

Conqu – Free

    To-do list app with delegation among other Conqu users, filters, and overdue item     features providing important reminders and task organization by level of importance.

Wunderlist – Free

    Create and share lists, view public lists, and view/publish lists.

Awesome Note - $3.99

    Combine your notes with to-do lists, keepings all of your information in one place.     Allows note sharing and photo, location, and URL tags.



RescueTime – (Computer) – Free

    Time management software. Program runs in the background of your computer and     tracks the time spent on various applications and websites, breaking down how much     time is spent doing what throughout your day. This software allows you to block     websites for a desired amount of time, and alerts users when they’ve spent over a set     amount of time on one task.

SeflControl – (Computer) – Free

    Software that allows you to block access to distracting websites, and webmail. All     “blacklisted” sites will be blocked for the designated amount of time, even if you restart     your device.

Timers – Use these to break up long study sessions and to focus/avoid distractions

StudyBlue – Free

    An online library of study materials, generated by over 250 million users.

Quizlet – Free

    Flashcard app that allows you to select various study sets and create your own flashcard     sets. 



Built in Speech Recognition Software

Mac Computer – System Preferences > Dictation and Speech > click “On” > Select “enhance Dictation” box (allows for offline use)

Windows Computer – Start button > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > Windows Speech Recognition (need audio input, mic.)

Apple/Android/Windows phones


Dragon Dictation – Free app, $99 software

    Speech-to-text program.

Assignment Calculator – (Computer website) – Free

Grammarly – Software Free trial, $29.99 monthly

    Grammar checking software

Noteworthy concerns

Write Check – Website, 1 paper - $7.95, 3 papers - $19.95, 5 papers - $29.95, 1 paper +     Standard Critique - $29.95, 1 Paper + Extended Critique - $49.95

    Grammar, plagiarism checking

Mindmaple – Free for lite

    Increase your productivity and creativity by visually organizing your ideas and thoughts     onto a mind map. Perfect for project managing, concept mapping, brainstorming and     task scheduling. 

Giffy – (Website) – Free (no private diagrams) or $3.99/mon. for 200+ more storage)


xMind (Windows, Mac) – Free – Plus $79

Mindmeister – Free for 3 maps, then $36/month for 6 months

Inspiration – iOS App - $9.99 and Software - $39.99


    Dictionary and Thesaurus app that provides you with extensive definitions in various     languages.

Natural Voice Reader (Computer website, Software) – Free 

    Text to speech website and software with an OCR function. The website allows you to     customize the voice, language, and speed being used.

Speakit! – Free

    Web extension and app that allows you to have your emails, selected text, web articles,     and documents read aloud to them. App will continue working if you navigate away     from the app screen.

Scannable – Free

    App by Evernote that allows you to use your phone or tablet to scan a document or set     of notes with your camera and upload and share it to a number of sources. 



Balabolka – Free

    Text to speech software for document conversion. Allows you to put documents into MP3 files.

Read Write Gold – Price range varies

    Texthelp software and app that works as a text to speech program that provides you with various dictionaries, highlighting features, and fact mappers. 

Audible – Free with in app purchases

    Audiobook app by Amazon that allows you to purchase audiobooks and listen to your purchases on various devices.

Overdrive – Free

    View available eBooks and audiobooks from libraries of your choice. App has a “dyslexic font” option. 


Khan Academy – Free 

    Video tutorials in math, science, computer programming, history, art, and economics. 

Wolfram Alpha – Free

    Computational knowledge engine.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator – Free

    “For serious computing…a perfect alternative for the calculator-less.”

MyScript Calculator – Free

MyScript MathPad – Free


Evernote – Free 

    Free note taking software and app that allows you to record lectures and meetings while taking notes. The notes can then be shared wirelessly between devices. The premium version of Evernote provides more storage space for audio recordings among other features.

Audionote – Free with in app purchases

    A note taking, voice recording software that allows you to playback your audio while highlighting the text simultaneously.

Smartpens – Assistive Tech Device/$99+

    Allows you to take hand written notes while recording the lecture you are listening to. Notebooks then sync to Livescribe software or Evernote depending on the smartpen model. Livescribe sky pens sync wirelessly ad come with an Evernote subscription for you. 

MyScript Smart Note – Free

    Handwritten note taking tool that allows users to write and draw into their notes.



Sleep, Relaxation, and Mental Health Wellness

Alarmy/Sleep if U Can - $1.99 – Free

Relaxation/meditation walk-throughs

White Noise 

A Soft Murmur 


Sleep Pillow – Free

Fitness, Exercise and Nutrition

Sworkit – Free

Exercises app that allows you to select workouts in 5 minute increments focused on strength, cardio, and yoga.

MyFitnessPal – Free

Track nutrition, fitness, and weight maintenance/loss goals.

Charity Miles – Free

“Earn” $.25/mile as this app tracks your walk, run, or bike ride for a charity of choice. 



Mint – Free

Helps keep records of finances and spending. 

Unstuck – Free

Need motivation help?