Guidelines For Females

  • Suit: Knee-length skirt or pant suit.
  • Colors: Navy or medium blue, medium to charcoal gray, wine, black.
  • Pattern: Solid or pinstripe.
  • Fabric: Linen (spring and summer), wool/polyester blend (year-round), or all wool (winter).
  • Blouse: Are best in solid colors and tailored – natural fabrics (cotton and silk_. You also may coordinate a silk scarf.
  • Shoes: Wear flat shoes or low pumps in a plain, dark color – avoid making your feet a focal point. Be sure they are clean and polished. Avoid shoes that hinder walking fast. Shoes should be closed heel and toe.
  • Nylons: always wear nylons to an interview. Wear plain-style, non-patterned nylons and select colors that flatter your coloring. For traditional industries, wear a neutral color. For other industries you may choose to wear nylons that coordinate with your skirt. Carr an extra pair in case of runs.
  • Jewelry: Simple, at most a necklace, one pair of simple earrings, a watch and one ring per hand – gaudy or too much jewelry is considered unprofessional. Avoid dangly earrings.
  • Makeup: Natural looking, conservatively applied – no heavy lipstick or eye makeup.
  • Hair: Neatly styled.
  • Perfume: Use little or none – some people are allergic to it and some organizations have a scent free policy.
  • Nails: Clear polish or a French manicure is best.
  • Portfolio: Black or burgundy leather and no handbag. Transfer essential items to portfolio.
  • Avoid bright colors (red may be appropriate, depending on the employer).