Guidelines for Males

  • Suit: A two-piece conservative suit.
  • Colors: Preferably navy blue, black or medium to charcoal gray.
  • Pattern: Solid or pinstripe.
  • Fabric: Wool/polyester blend (year-round) or all wool (winter).
  • Tie: Solid color, small dot or paisley or conservative stripe. (Here is your chance to use color!) Make sure that your tie is the correct length.
  • Shirt: Long sleeve, preferably white or light blue.
  • Socks: Long and dark (coordinate with suit) – make sure no skin is visible when you sit down; mid-calf is usually appropriate.
  • Shoes: Black, polished.
  • Belt: Should match or complement the shoes you select.
  • Jewelry: Very little – watch; one ring per hand.
  • Hair: Conservative length and style.
  • Beards and mustaches, if worn, should be trimmed and well-groomed.
  • No heavy cologne or aftershave.
  • Save the hats for the game.
  • Trim your nails.
  • Empty your pockets. No bulges to ruin your profile and no jingling change.