Questions To Ask During An Interview

  • What attracted you to this company?
  • Would you describe a typical workday and the things I would do?
  • Which duties or responsibilities are most important for this job?
  • What are the major challenges the new hire will face in this job?
  • How will I be trained or introduced to the job?
  • How long should it take for me to get my feet on the ground and become productive?
  • Can you describe the ideal person for this job?
  • What are the department’s goals for the year?
  • How do my skills compare with other candidates for this position?
  • Who are the key people I’d be working with and what do they do?
  • Which employee do you rely upon most: What does he do and what makes him unique?
  • How would I get feedback on my performance?
  • If hired, would I report directly to you, or to someone else?
  • Has the company had a layoff in the last few years?
  • Please explain the opportunities for promotion or advancement in this department.
  • How soon do you plan to fill this job?

Questions Not To Ask During An Interview

Don’t ask any questions about salary, wages, and holidays with pay, paid sick days, personal days, or time off. You’re looking for a job, not a vacation. Instead, wait for the manager to ask what kind of wage or salary you expect. Then, ask the manager what the standard wage is for someone with your skills and experience. This way, you’re forcing the manager to throw out the first figure.