Nobbs Wellness Center Policies


The following policies are established to provide guidelines for use of the Nobbs Wellness Center facility. It is the goal of the University to create a safe and enjoyable environment for users of the wellness center. The use of the Nobbs Wellness Center is a privilege; therefore individuals not cooperating with established guidelines may be asked to leave and in some cases have privileges revoked. The Wellness Center Staff has the right to make final judgment on policies not covered in this document. 

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Nobbs Wellness center at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is to enhance and enrich the quality of life for the University community by embracing all dimensions of wellness. 

Vision Statement: 

The Nobbs Wellness Center wishes to exceed expectations of those we serve. This will be accomplished by: 

    •    Improving quality of life for those we serve through increased awareness and application of all dimensions of wellness. 
    •    Providing those we serve with the highest level of service, courtesy, respect and dignity. 
    •    Recruiting, developing, and retaining a committed wellness team. 
    •    Partnering with internal and external agencies in support of our mission. 
    •    Providing and maintaining a high quality facility and equipment. 
    •    Assess the needs of those we serve and work to implement programs to meet the needs of those we serve. 
    •    Remain committed to the scope of our mission. 

Code of Conduct: 

In order to maintain a high level of services to our users, the Wellness Center enforces a Code of Conduct to which all participants must adhere. This Code of Conduct insures a friendly and positive environment in all areas of the facility. 

Use of the Nobbs Wellness Center is a privilege. All users who utilize the facility must agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct: 

Wellness Center Users are expected to: 
    •    Treat the Wellness Center staff, facility and other users with respect. 
    •    Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in the Wellness Center. 
    •    Refrain from vulgar language and offensive conduct. Any language or conduct deemed offensive to others will not be tolerated. 
    •    Adhere to the rules and policies included in this document and set by the Wellness Center. 
    •    Act in a safe and responsible manner regarding themselves and others. 
    •    Engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating Wellness Center policies may be subject to having privileges revoked as well as face possible University disciplinary action. 

General Information/ Emergency Phone Numbers: 

Wellness Center General Number: 405-574-1331 
Website Address:

Emergency numbers are listed below in primary contact order: 

    1.    Fire-Ambulance 911 
    2.    Campus Security 405-222-8066 
    3.    Wellness Center on-call emergency cell phone 405-973-4980 

Assumption of Risk 

The Nobbs Wellness Center operates on an “exercise at your own risk” policy. The use of the facility and its equipment is completely voluntary. Each individual utilizing the facility assumes the risk for any harm or injuries sustained. Neither the Nobbs Wellness Center staff nor the University can assume any responsibility for injuries incurred through participation in the wellness center or any of its programs. Individuals are advised to use caution and be aware of potential health risks associated with exercise, and check with their physician before beginning any exercise program. 


Nobbs Wellness Center 
1727 W. Alabama 
Chickasha, Ok 73018 
Located on the second floor of the Student Center on the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma campus. 

The wellness center will be closed during all holiday breaks, semester breaks and other scheduled breaks. If university offices are closed the wellness center will be closed as well. Hours are subject to change based on academic calendar, unforeseen circumstances and/or maintenance schedules.

The Nobbs Wellness Center is a controlled access facility. Only authorized users are allowed entry. The wellness center is intended for the use of current USAO students, staff and faculty. All individuals must check in at the front desk and must show a proper current USAO ID card. NO ID=No Entry! 

University ID cards are non-transferable and for the exclusive use of the person named on the card. Cards will be confiscated (involved parties subject to university disciplinary action) if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner. 

Individuals must possess and display, upon request, appropriate identification. The wellness center reserves the right to request identification at any time. Non-members, suspended members or expired members will not be allowed access to the facility. 

Guest memberships will be considered on a case by case basis and will be charged a membership fee. All guests must adhere to all of the rules and regulations outlined in this document. 

Entry to the wellness center must always be through the designated main entrance and exit. Individuals entering and exiting through other doors are subject to disciplinary action. 

During all emergency situations it is expected and asked that you follow the direction of wellness center staff. Should an emergency situation call for sudden evacuation please exit through the nearest emergency exit. Please follow University policies for all emergencies. 

**USAO athletic teams are provided with training facilities as well as USAO academic departments are provided with classrooms thus team training activities and academic courses are not to be held at the wellness center. A coach or professor may contact the wellness director to inquire about special arrangements. Access will not be granted without prior acknowledgment. 

General Policies: 

   •    Anyone taking pictures/videos must request approval and should be directed to the Facility Manager on duty. The Director of Wellness will give final approval. It is recommended that       picture/video requests be placed at least 24 hours in advance with the Director of Wellness Facilities. Participants who wish to have their photo taken while engaged in activities at the Wellness Center must have permission of the staff. 

    •    No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters are allowed in the Wellness Center.

    •    Spitting in the common areas or activity areas is not permitted. Trash cans are provided in all areas for spitting. 
    •    Personal items shall not be left or placed on the floor or on equipment. Individuals may utilize spaces provided at the front desk. 
    •    Staff members are not to hold equipment, valuables or bags for participants. 
    •    A closing announcement will be made approximately 15 minutes prior to closing. 
    •    All participants are expected to finish their activity, re-rack all weight equipment, and exit the Wellness Center by closing time. Thank you in advance for your expected cooperation. 
    •    The Wellness Center facility may not be used for private or commercial purposes unless such activity has been approved by the Wellness Center Director. 
    •    Areas within the Wellness Center and equipment shall be used for intended purposes. 
    •    Weight bars and dumbbells are intended for the weight floor surface only; they are not to be taken onto the aerobic floor. 
    •    It is requested that members report any concerns about the facility and/or equipment to the Wellness Center staff as soon as possible. 


Please contact a member of the Wellness Center staff should an accident, injury or related incident occur. Your assistance in promoting safety is greatly appreciated. 

ADA Statement 

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all Wellness Center sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in a program, please contact the Wellness Center in advance at 574-1331 or email 

Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking 

The Wellness Center is a substance-free facility. Users must agree to take reasonable precautions to prevent the possession or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and tobacco products in the Wellness Center. See the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma student handbook for university policies regarding alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. 


Only service animals are permitted in the Wellness Center. The ADA defines service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability. 

Attire and Footwear

The Wellness Center reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all exercise attire. Wellness Center staff decisions concerning appropriate clothing will be final. Failure to dress properly will result in denial of use of the Wellness Center. Clothing with offensive language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable. Clothing inscribed with profanity is prohibited. If necessary, a Wellness Center member may be addressed by a staff member if clothing is offensive to others or deemed inappropriate. 

Appropriate attire is required at all times.

    •    Sandals and open toed shoes are not permitted in any activity area throughout the Wellness Center. 
    •    Shoes, shirts, shorts and/or pants must be worn in the Wellness Center. 
    •    Jeans or zippered or metal riveted shorts or pants are prohibited due to the risk of ripping equipment upholstery and pose a risk of injury. 
    •    Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin when the participant exercises or moves. Appropriate support and undergarments are required at all times. 
    •    A SECOND pair of clean, dry shoes is suggested for use in the Wellness Center. 
    •    Jewelry which may cause equipment damage or pose a risk of injury should be removed. 

Cell Phones 

Use of cell phones is not permitted while using equipment. If a cell phone is used as an MP3 player it may be utilized while using equipment. Out of respect for others, we ask that you limit your cell phone use in public areas. Cell phones are to be used in common areas of the facility only. 


Participants utilizing the Wellness Center facility and equipment assume the liability of and agree to compensate the Wellness Center for any damage other than normal wear and tear while it is being used. 


Non compliance to any University or Wellness Center policies is subject to ejection. When an individual is ejected from the facility for any reason, that individual is suspended from any Wellness facility and program until they have met with the Director of Wellness Facilities. 

Food and Beverages 

    •    Food is NOT allowed at any time in any activity areas. 
    •    Drinks are NOT allowed into any activity area with a wood floor. Water and sport drinks may be allowed in cubby areas. 
    •    Water and sport drinks ONLY are allowed in activity areas without a wood floor. Water and sport drinks must be in a container with a closed lid. Paper/plastic cups with plastic lids and straws (ex. Big Gulp or McDonalds cup) are NOT allowed in activity areas. 
    •    All containers are subject to substance check at any time by the Wellness Center staff. 
    •    Glass containers are prohibited at all times. 
Lost and Found 

    •    Found items should be turned in at the Welcome Desk. 
    •    Inquiries regarding items lost should be made at the Welcome Desk. 
    •    Staff members are not permitted to hold valuables. 
    •    The Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. 
Area Specific Policies 


    •    Water is permitted in plastic, closed containers only. No food is allowed in any activity area at any time. 
    •    All personal belongings are to be secured in a day use locker in the Wellness Center. 
    •    The Wellness Center is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or stolen. 
    •    Sandals and open toed shoes are not permitted in any activity area throughout the Wellness Center. Proper workout attire must be worn at all times. 
    •    Please respect the facility and do not spit on the floors, walls or in the water fountains. 
    •    Weight bars and dumbbells are intended for the weight floor surface only. 
    •    Disruptive behavior (i.e. profanity, fighting, shoving, etc.) will not be tolerated. It is expected that guests will be courteous to staff and other guests. 
    •    In the event of an injury or accident, please notify a member of the Wellness Center staff immediately. 
    •    Violations of these rules may result in loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action. 
    •    Questions concerning these rules should be directed to the Wellness Center Director. 
Cardio Equipment 

    •    Please wipe down the machine, including your seat and hand rails prior to using equipment and when you are finished. Gym wipes are provided throughout the facility. 
    •    Please limit your workout to 40 minutes if someone is waiting for a cardio machine. 
    •    Cell phones should not be used for while on the cardio deck. The only exception is if a cell phone is used as an MP3 player, then it may be utilized while using equipment. 

Weight Room Area

    •    Free weights must be restacked and barbells and dumbbells must be returned to the racks after use. Do not place free weights near or against mirrors. Ask a staff member for assistance if necessary. 
    •    Know your limits. Do not lift beyond your capabilities. Staff members may assist in spotting lifts only if and when the staff member is capable and comfortable with the weight being attempted and he/she has been asked to spot for safety purposes. At no time will a staff member compromise his/her own safety. Staff has the right to refuse service if they deem necessary. 
    •    Slamming or dropping of the weights will not be tolerated. In order to preserve the equipment and ensure the safety of all members, please choose an appropriate weight that will prevent you from slamming or dropping of the weights. 
    •    When crowded, do not occupy a select weight station for more than 10 minutes. 
    •    Immediately report any facility/equipment irregularity to a member of the Wellness Center staff. 
    •    Please wipe down the machine, including your seat and hand rails prior to using equipment and when you are finished. Disinfectant and Gym wipes are provided throughout the facility. 
    •    No chalk is allowed. 
    •    Most Olympic style weight lifting is NOT allowed in the Wellness Center. Acceptable lifts include: Front Squat, Full Squat, Overheard Squat, Jump Shrug, Shrug, Hang Pulls, Deadlift, and Dumbbell Snatch (Barbell snatch is not allowed). All acceptable lifts must be handled with control and performed in the power racks. Dropping/slamming/clanking of the weights during these lifts is NOT allowed. 
    •    Cell phones should not be used while in the weight room. The only exception is if a cell phone is used as an MP3 player, then it may be utilized while using equipment. 

Group Exercise 

    •    Non-marking athletic and dance appropriate shoes only. 
    •    Member must bring valid USAO ID for entrance to all classes. 
    •    Be there at the start of the class. The Class will be closed 5 minutes after the session begins, no entry allowed. 
    •    If you should need to leave class prior to completion, choose a location near the door as to not disrupt the class. 
    •    Equipment provided in a group exercise class (hand weights, mats, medicine balls, etc.) may not be taken out of the room in which the class is being held. 

Cycling Room 

    •    Please wipe down the machine, including your seat and hand rails when you are finished. Towels and cleaning bottles are provided inside the Spin Room. 
    •    Member must bring valid USAO ID for entrance to all classes. 
    •    Room is only available for use when a staff member is present i.e. an organized group exercise class or facility reservation.