Nobbs Wellness Center

Nobbs Wellness Center

The Nobbs Wellness Center is a 2,200 square foot facility open to current Science & Arts students, staff and faculty. With 70% of the space dedicated to cardiovascular wellness (treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals, stair-climbing machines), this facility is welcoming to patrons of any fitness level. For those with more specific and strenuous fitness goals, the wellness center also features a full set of free weights, bench press, targeted muscle group weight machines and an assisted pull-up bar apparatus. Additional amenities include medicine balls and a dedicated group workout room with video monitors available for use with user-supplied fitness DVDs and a state-of-the-art sound system to pump up the jams!


Fall/Spring Trimester:

Monday-Friday: 8am to 11pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday:  10am to 4pm

Independent Study/Summer Trimester: 

Monday - Friday:  8:00am - 5:00pm


Membership and Rates:

Memberships are only available for individuals with a university connection and as follows:
Current University Faculty/Staff (Includes groups like the current Science & Arts Board of Regents, current Texas Book Company Bookstore employees, current Sodexo employees, current Science & Arts Alumni Board members, current Science & Arts Foundation board members as well as faculty and staff who have retired from Science & Arts ) may use the facility free of charge and may sponsor immediate family members who are over the age of 16 as follows:

$5 for Day Pass

$75 per term

$200 per year

Any guest under the age of 18 must have an adult present. Students may use the facility free of charge and may sponsor one guest (over 18) for membership at the rates listed above. Alumni may purchase a membership at the listed rates only if they are paid members of the alumni association. Once the membership has been paid for, they will need to come to Student Services to receive their picture ID.

To view our policies please visit the Nobbs Wellness Center policies page.