Presentations & Exhibitions

Coming Together -- Tribute to Jesús Moroles

Ken Fergeson and John and Marilyn Feaver invite you to this tribute to Jesús Moroles. Event tickets may be purchased for $75 per person by calling Joyce Sanders at (405) 574-1349 or at the door. Proceeds to benefit student scholarships and the Coming Together Park at USAO - a permanent memorial to the work of Jesús Moroles. Hors D’oeuvres, wine and beer provided by Venue 104 Bistro - Derek Nettle, Caterer.

Make Marble Pay: Eating Disorders

Len Lacefield from Southern Plains Medical Center will be on hand to give the first workshop and seminar in the Make Marble Pay lecture series. The presentation will cover proper nutrition with an emphasis on eating disorders.

Make Marble Pay is in its 5th and final year. You can still weigh in at the Nobbs Wellness Center with Chris Basco, associate dean of students, to participate. $10 for each pound lost will go to student scholarships.

Jacob McGuire Senior Communications Project

A student journalist, a public relations professional, a lawyer, and a business professional will get the chance to speak to the public about ethics.

The panelists include Max Terrell, a senior communication major at USAO; Jessica Jackson, USAO Sports Information Director; Daniel Lemons, Esq., attorney at law in Tuttle; and Jason Lane, Senior Vice President of an Oklahoma City financial institution. 

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