Drover Proud

Ric Baser

I am a proud graduate, lifetime alumni member and former employee of this institution.

April Doshier Heiple

April Doshier Heiple

I found a love of life and diverse cultures I had never dreamed possible.

Esther Angell

Esther Angell

The Communication department at USAO provided a firm foundation for my career objectives.

Lisa Hightower

My time at USAO deepened my appreciation for education and life-long learning, something that I hope to pass on to my students.

Travis Bates

“It was a great education at a great price with a great faculty. Everyone one who works there really wants to help their students succeed.”  

Mike Sutterfield

The most important accomplishment I have ever done has been my fulfilling career. 

Greg Brown

Learning is not a means to an end. It is not mere vocational training. It is the end, the goal, the only important thing.

Milam Dobbins

Having a liberal arts background helped me look at problems from more than just one approach.

Eliason in front of Austin

Laurissa Eliason

From public speaking, to technical writing and precise laboratory work, USAO gave me a broader range of knowledge to feel confident with participating in a variety of different social settings. These...

Elisa Keefe

I would recommend USAO for the broad, liberal arts education and the amazing flexibility in terms of tailoring your educational experience … USAO gave me that well-rounded foundation, which I have...

Joy Yocum

The education I received at USAO, especially the IDS classes, in the way it tailored my thinking, it helped me get a wider world view of how things work together.

Kyndra Spaulding

I liked the idea of a university that integrated the different branches of academia, and I was excited to have small classrooms and professors with the time to actually build relationships with their...

Steve Sanders

USAO gave me the personal care and attention that I needed. A larger school would have been overwhelming and I would have been lost in the crowd.

Stacy (Lamb) Jones

One of the main things I learned at USAO was to never give up on my dreams.

Gayle (Eggleston) Ooten

Knowing how to speak, create and think are important qualities that everyone should learn in school and use in their every day life - even if their field of study is math or science.

Maggie (Oliver) Mullenix

Every good start needs a foundation and my professors in the speech pathology program gave me that. My education will forevermore affect what kind of clinician I am.

Phil Barnes/ Physical Education

I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t gone to USAO. There’s no question about it. You don’t think so at the time at you are being molded, but that’s why I am where I am.

Beaty in training room

Leslie Beaty

USAO is a wonderful place that makes everyone feel at home. Everyone is accepted here regardless of how they live.

Chris Bennett

Education lives or dies by the strength of its teachers, and USAO’s warrant particular mention for their unflagging dedication to the interdisciplinary idealism that defines the university.

Jim Blalock

My IDS instructors were passionate about their disciplines. They challenged me and they made me raise my standards on what I expected out of myself. I really feel like I learned how to think...