Angus Lamar


USAO was close to home and I felt more comfortable there than I did anywhere else.

Angus Lamar was no stranger to USAO when he came here in the late 1990s. He not only felt like this was home because of its small-college atmosphere, but also because his father, Kent Lamar, had been a member of the art faculty since 1975.

“USAO is more than a college to me,” said Angus. “Some of my earliest memories are of running around in my father's office on the third floor of Davis Hall.

“As a kid I loved to draw on the sidewalks during the Art Festival; and I always cheered on the Drovers.”

After leaving USAO in 2002, Angus received his doctorate at the University of Oklahoma in 2010, and continued on to receive a postdoctoral fellowship at Emory University from 2010-2012.

Angus currently is an assistant professor of Chemistry for Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana, and has several accomplishments under his belt already. He has authored several publications in scientific journals, a book chapter and a patent.

“The curriculum at USAO put me in a position to hit the ground running as a prospective scientist in graduate school,” said Angus. “More importantly, the dedicated faculty at USAO provided me with a personal template to become the type of professor that I strive to be.”

Angus recommends students who want to have a career in the academic world should most definitely consider USAO.

“USAO provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in your post-graduate career, and more importantly, it will teach you how to begin to realize the full potential of your intellectual curiosity,” said Angus.

“I have always been interested in a wide variety of subjects and topics, and I felt that I was encouraged at USAO to see the relationship of my discipline (chemistry) to any other subject I was interested in at the time: the chemistry of art, food, medicine, fabric, agriculture, industry, etc.”

He continued that an all-encompassing knowledge of various fields provided him with unexpected inspiration as a chemist, adaptability as an educator and confidence as a member of society.

And as far as being a disciplined learner, he says that courses and assignments should never be viewed as hurdles to overcome. “They are opportunities to improve the way that you learn, or more generally, to improve yourself.”

Angus appreciates his time at USAO, especially since he met his wife here and made lifelong friends.

“USAO was my home, and I carry Drover spirit with me to this day.”