Dexter Nelson II


USAO helped prepare me for my job as a museum service associate by teaching me how to work with others.

A graduate of Bridge Creek High School, Dexter Nelson II was attracted to USAO because of the smaller class sizes and liberal arts focus but it’s the sense of community he experienced that sticks with him today.

“The best example I can give is that it was like a polis of Ancient Greece,” Nelson said. “Everyone knew everybody and there was a strong sense of community and friendship.”

While Nelson studied for his degree in history, he was very active in campus life, taking leadership roles in the Student Association and the Student Advancement Team.

Nelson viewed these experiences as critical to his continued successes today.

“Being involved on campus helped me learn to work with others in multiple settings and scenarios,” Nelson said.

“It really taught me the value of team work and showed me just how well or badly an organization can function depending on leadership.”

Since graduation, Nelson worked as a substitute teacher in the Bridge Creek and Moore school districts before securing his current position as a museum service associate at the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum in downtown OKC.

In fall of 2014, Nelson will enter the museum studies master’s program at University of Central Oklahoma. He is confident that his USAO experience has ably prepared him for his post-undergraduate work.

“With the Liberal Arts education I received from USAO, I know that I am well-rounded and able to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving,” Nelson said.

“My time at USAO was great, filled with challenges and triumphs. I will never forget the wonderful friends and acquaintances I've meet along the way.”