Jacquelyn Tideman

The English department at USAO is phenomenal.

The English department at USAO is phenomenal. Because we’re such a small school, the English majors get really close. We know each other and our professors as individuals, and it significantly affects the atmosphere. I don’t think I really understood the term “learning environment” until I came here. I always felt I was blessed with good teachers in the past, but the education I’m getting here transcends the curriculum. The English courses I have taken here also really help with the IDS courses, and vice versa. In conjunction, they can help create an understanding of philosophy, religion, theology, science, literature, and art as a whole that is so much more rounded than I have experienced before. I’m learning from my classmates as well as my instructors, and I’m not just learning about content, I’m developing methods of thinking that were previously foreign to me. My professors are helping me not just by improving my comprehension of literature, but also by giving some of their own experiences in research or publishing. I have a strong sense of community with my fellow English majors and our professors, and I am convinced that my education has benefited greatly because of it.