Bachelor of Fine Arts

Jonathon Fowler


USAO gave me a diverse education in not only the arts, but in other subjects such as world history and computer science.

By day Jonathon Fowler is a technical illustrator for the Air Force through HEBCO, Inc. However, Jonathon spends his free time doing something he truly enjoys… illustrating science fiction and horror novels.

“Right now I’m writing and illustrating an urban fantasy/horror novel which will go into print later this year,” said Jonathon. “I'm also proud to be heavily involved (both artistically and administratively) in shows like “Tokyo in Tulsa” and “GlitchCon”, which I feel generally makes people happy through my artwork.”

He attributes the diverse education he received from USAO to his success in his career, both personally and professionally.

“What I learned at USAO has allowed me to be more effective in my work with the Air Force,” said Jonathon. “Plus, it has allowed me to take my personal work into new directions.”

Jonathon says he owes a lot to USAO because it provides an education in diverse subjects which allows students be well rounded, more flexible, and able to meet the needs of their chosen career.

“I personally chose USAO because of its solid foundations in traditional art,” said Jonathon. “I feel I'm more open-minded, willing to think outside the box, and try new things both personally and professionally. And it has intensified my love of travel and culture.”

Jonathon adds how much he appreciates the professors at USAO. “The teachers are great,” he says. “While you are a student they are supportive as your mentors. As an alum, they remain supportive into your career and continuing education.”

He would tell anyone with a love for the Arts that no matter how old you are and what your education level is, you are never to old to educate yourself. “I’m living proof.”