Beaty in training room

Leslie Beaty


USAO is a wonderful place that makes everyone feel at home. Everyone is accepted here regardless of how they live.

As a former All-American athlete herself, 2009 grad Leslie Beaty found a job that keeps her in the game — by keeping athletes in tip top shape — because of the education and experiences USAO offered her.

After graduating from USAO in 2009, she earned her master’s degree in athletic training from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2011. She is now a trainer for Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedics Institute, working closely with doctors and physician assistants to get athletes back onto the field.

 “USAO helped prepare me for my career by challenging me academically and providing me with a quality education,” Beaty said. “At 24, I headed up an outreach program and at 28, I was the head athletic trainer at a university.”

Coming from a small town, Beaty was looking for a place where she wouldn’t just disappear into the crowd; she wanted a small school where she knew her professors and classmates.

“USAO is a wonderful place that makes everyone feel at home,” Beaty explained.  “Everyone is accepted here regardless of how they live.”

Both for the camaraderie and the education, Beaty said she would recommend USAO to any student.

“With USAO being a liberal arts school, it will open your eyes, broaden your horizon to a different way of life and expose you to a different version of the traditional college experience,” she said. “I learned I was capable of doing and learning more than I ever thought possible.”

Through OSOI, Beaty works directly with her alma mater as the athletic trainer in addition to other OSOI duties.